A supported living & domiciliary care agency

SSA STAR Care Agency is a Domiciliary Care Agency that offers individualized pathways of progressive care and support to people from their initial placements in hospitals, care homes or other settings by successfully reintegrating them into communities by providing holistic integrated supported living service.

SSA STAR Care provides domiciliary care and support to service users from all groups and communities where we work together with the service users and their family members to develop a personalized support plan that meets their daily needs in order to enhance their quality of life in their own homes. We are also specialized in providing personal care and associated domestic care to the communities’ residing in the boroughs of Greater London.

SSA STAR Care is committed to providing a high quality, reliable support service tailored to suit each of our service user’s individual needs, promoting independence, maintaining privacy and dignity and choice throughout the community.

We believe that each individual service user is a unique social being, who has dignity and worth. Although requiring such acts of assistance due to their frailty or ill health, assistance should only be provided in a climate and manner which allows them to retain their self-respect, individuality, privacy and independence enabling them to live to their maximum physical and mental potential. We assure every service user that they have free choice in the level of service and the assistance that they require, which will be reflected in their personal plan of care.

SSA Star Care Ltd is CQC Certified to provide the “Regulated Activity” of Personal Care.SSA Star Care Ltd specializes in the following services:
People require Personal Care, People with Dementia, People with Physical Disabilities, People with sensory Impairments, People with Mental Health, People with Learning Disabilities.

SSA Star Care Ltd is flexible when it comes to meeting people’s rapidly changing needs to ensure they remain in their own homes rather than in a health and social care setting. We ensure people’s families would be supported too. We ensure Care Plans are written so that people receive care and support exactly as they wish. SSA Star Care Ltd respect people rights to make their own decision. We support people to access healthcare services if they need it. Staff receives training according to their preferred learning style and appropriate skills and knowledge to deliver care in a person-centred way.

Supported Living

Our philosophy of service delivery aims to provide these high standard of comprehensive care/support that reflects an ethos of respect for people by treating them with dignity and ensuring that their right to privacy, safety, security and choice is maintained.

We enable/reable each person to maximise their independence by agreeing with them through information sharing and consultation, individual person-centred care/support plans, supporting them with risk-taking and encouraging the retention and development of daily life-skills. This is achieved by enlisting the support of the individuals family (by choice) other professional services and organisations that may be necessary from time to time and according to the defined needs of the service user.


SSA STAR CARE Agency is a proactive provider of care and support to people with Learning Disabilities throughout the area of London .We empower people by enabling them to live as independently as possible within a registered home setting, supported living service with a tenancy or home with cared package.

Our services extend to people with diverse and often complex needs. Our approach is person-centered therefore we are committed to the principles that the people to whom we provide our services have the right to choose, have control and have their voices heard regarding the way in which they wish to live their lives and be supported.

SSA Star Care Agency’s Concept of Care

We believe our clients’ quality of life is the main concern of the SSA Star Care Ltd run services. Clients can expect to be well-informed and involved in every stage of their care, and to have their needs met by skilled, qualified staff. This requires the creation of a caring and outcomes-focused environment, which reflects the right values and sets the standards expected by the Care Quality Commission. These can be summarized as:



Health and Wellbeing

Respect and Involvement

Choice and Independence

Rights and Inclusion

Person-Centred Outcomes

Good Value for Money

Important Issues to Consider are

Race and language




Religion or belief


Sexual Orientation

Risk management

SSA Star Care Ltd believe care should be a positive experience. All clients have the right to lead a life which is as satisfying as possible and this will involve taking positive risks. The responsibility of the care manager and staff is to identify the risks individuals may present and take reasonable measures to reduce the risks without placing unnecessary restrictions on individuals.

Personal relationships

All clients, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, must have the right, freedom and privacy to enjoy personal relationships including sexual fulfilment. This will require staff to exercise particular tact and diplomacy.

Spiritual needs

Any client wishing to talk to a leader of religion will be helped to do so by the Care Manager where he/she is unable to make such arrangements themselves. Voluntary organizations should be encouraged to call for and assist clients, who wish to attend local services. Leaders of religion should be encouraged to visit clients and hold services as required at reasonable intervals by arrangement with the Registered Manager. Clients will be free to decide whether to participate in such services.

Cultural care and ethnic needs

Staff are responsive to the diverse needs and requirements of clients. Staff is aware of, and provide for, ethnic and cultural observances, both dietary and ritual. Clients with different ethnic backgrounds and/or languages should be able to feel that their needs will be responded to willingly by staff who understand the value of maintaining the sense of continuity and identity based on past traditions and practices.

Access to appropriate information

Services and information must be accessible to all clients. For some people with particular needs (e.g. due to sensory impairment, a learning disability, or where their first language is not written or spoken English) this may mean having access to translators, interpreters, alternative information formats or other relevant support. We ensure Staff is aware of how to access the range of information and services to ensure equality within the service.

Staffing and Recruitment

SSA Star Care Ltd follows our recruitment procedures. Applicants’ suitability will be assessed thoroughly before being offered a job. We ensure all interview records are maintained so that they are readily available for reviewing. We ensure the right amount of staff attends the homes at the right times and stayed for the right amount of time. We ensure if carer is running late the service user will be informed well in advance.