Our Services

⦁ We are a reliable provider of dedicated, highly trained, professional care workers.
⦁ We look beyond age, disability or illness and see a lifetime of experience and memories which can be cherished and shared within the community.
⦁ We are a reliable provider of dedicated, highly trained, professional care workers.
⦁ We look beyond age, disability or an illness and see a lifetime of experience and memories which can be cherished and shared within the community.

⦁ We have frameworks in place with various CCGs and local authorities to provide exceptionally high quality services that are safe, responsive and caring to individuals who require attentive, specialist care in the comfort of their own homes, maintaining their dignity, privacy and promoting independence as much as possible. Whether your need is one-off or long term, our flexible approach means we can provide you with care and support to fully meet your individual needs, whenever its needed.

Personal care is support that involves physical contact between sea star care and Client – this can include washing, dressing, grooming, toileting and continence care, all within the comfortable and familiar surroundings of your own home.

Companionship and Social Support:

We believe that keeping you socially active is an important part of your life. sea star Care will support your social activities and connections as part of your general health and wellbeing. Our service focuses on to build a profound relationship that can encourage socialising, happiness and independence of your loved ones.

Here’s how we can help:

⦁ Community access for hobbies and interests or social and spiritual needs
⦁ Teaching a skill
⦁ Playing social games
⦁ Going to the theatre, cinema or social clubs
⦁ Walking the dog together
⦁ Accompanying you on travels
⦁ Organising and accompanying you to appointments
⦁ Helping to pay bills

Our philosophy of service delivery aims to provide these high standard of comprehensive care/support that reflects an ethos of respect for people by treating them with dignity and ensuring that their right to privacy, safety, security and choice is maintained.

We enable/re-enable each person to maximize their independence by agreeing with them through information sharing and consultation, individual person-centered care/support plans, supporting them with risk-taking and encouraging the retention and development of daily life-skills.  This is achieved by enlisting the support of the individuals family (by choice) other professional services and organisations that may be necessary from time to time and according to the defined needs of the service user.

SSA STAR CARE Agency is a proactive provider of care and support to people with Learning Disabilities throughout the area of London .We empower people by enabling them to live as independently as possible within a registered home setting, supported living service with a tenancy or home with cared package.

Our services extend to people with diverse and often complex needs. Our approach is person-centered therefore we are committed to the principles that the people to whom we provide our services have the right to choose, have control and have their voices heard regarding the way in which they wish to live their lives and be supported.

Developing Daily Living Skills

We support all aspects of daily life to develop the skills required to live more independently. This includes:

⦁ Personal care
⦁ Healthy eating
⦁ Taking medication
⦁ Maintaining the home
⦁ Paying bills and budgeting
⦁ Maintaining tenancies
⦁ Support with benefits
⦁ Employment and further education
⦁ Participating in community-based activities

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check:

We are registered with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) to act as an Umbrella Body to enable businesses and voluntary organisations to undertake appropriate checks of their staff and volunteers.

Offer of employment with SSA STAR CARE is also subject to a valid DBS check. If you do not have a current disclosure in place, you can have one done through us and will assist you to subscribe to the DBS Update Service.

Our dedicated service team will:

⦁ Check and validate the information provided by the applicant on the application form

⦁ Establish the true identity of the applicant, through the examination of a range of documents using guidance provided by the DBS Administer,

⦁ Process and acquire the DBS check on your behalf as quickly as possible

⦁ Act as an interface between you and the DBS, so that you can concentrate on your own business Comply with the DBS’s Code of Practice

⦁ Highly competitive all-inclusive rates

Our service in supported living

Mental health is something that we can all relate to and something we provide support for in all services. Specialist mental health services support people with a diagnosed mental health condition, which can be anything from:

Anxiety and panic disorders
Bipolar disorder
Personality disorders
Learning disabilities

Through self-development and collaborative support with staff, the people we support gain self-confidence and improved emotional wellbeing on their pathway to independence and recovery.

We support people using the Recovery Star model which focuses on the following areas:

⦁ Managing mental health
⦁ Physical health and self-care
⦁ Living skills
⦁ Social networks
⦁ Work
⦁ Relationships
⦁ Addictive behavior
⦁ Responsibilities
⦁ Identity and self-esteem
⦁ Trust and hope

We provide expert tailored support and care for people aged 18 or over with mild, moderate or severe disabilities, including:

⦁ Autism
⦁ Sensory disabilities
⦁ Physical disabilities
⦁ Acquired brain injury
⦁ Associated mental health needs
⦁ Behavioral challenges

Support and care is tailored to individual needs through a structured care and support plan, using the Life Star model. It covers ten areas of support:

⦁ Your health
⦁ How you spend your time
⦁ Being responsible
⦁ Being safe
⦁ Money and letters
⦁ Living skills
⦁ Communicating
⦁ Feeling good
⦁ People you know
⦁ Mental health and other conditions

We encourage people to build on their skills and strengths so they can live as independently as possible.