Supported Living

Our philosophy of service delivery aims to provide these high standard of comprehensive care/support that reflects an ethos of respect for people by treating them with dignity and ensuring that their right to privacy, safety, security and choice is maintained.

We enable/re-enable each person to maximize their independence by agreeing with them through information sharing and consultation, individual person-centered care/support plans, supporting them with risk-taking and encouraging the retention and development of daily life-skills.  This is achieved by enlisting the support of the individuals family (by choice) other professional services and organisations that may be necessary from time to time and according to the defined needs of the service user.

SSA STAR CARE Agency is a proactive provider of care and support to people with Learning Disabilities throughout the area of London .We empower people by enabling them to live as independently as possible within a registered home setting, supported living service with a tenancy or home with cared package.

Our services extend to people with diverse and often complex needs. Our approach is person-centered therefore we are committed to the principles that the people to whom we provide our services have the right to choose, have control and have their voices heard regarding the way in which they wish to live their lives and be supported.

Supported Living you have your own flat /rooms or bedsit for which you are responsible. Our Support Workers help you develop your skills so that you can live in your own home with as much independence as possible.
You are encouraged to make your own decisions about things that impact your life rather than have others decide for you.
Supported Living Offsite
The offsite team can provide you with support in your home for as few or as many hours as you need, tailored to your lifestyle. This can be in a property, a flat owned by a third party or even your family home.

Skills & Activities sessions and work experience

You can take part in a wide-ranging programs of skills training and activities or we’ll help you go offsite to other activities such as drama, riding, dance or art

Supported Living