Keys to Writing Effective Board Decision Papers

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Board decision papers contain the details and data that enable directors to interpret, design and make decisions that shape the future of an organization. They could also be the source of legal action if they are poorly written or provide incorrect or insufficient information. It is difficult to overstate the importance of top-quality decision papers.

What are the keys to writing a great board paper? It is essential to manage the flow of information. This means managing the volume of information that is presented to a board as well as its presentation. The board’s documents must be complete yet succinct, and clearly communicate a call to actions.

The challenge for writers is to resist the temptation to add too much detail in their papers. This can take away valuable time for the board and distract from the overall message of the paper. Another issue is to be able to write the essay so that it is understood by all members of a board, including those with little or no experience in the area that the paper is addressing. This is why a formal board paper process with clear guidelines, as well as a method to review the papers prior to when they are distributed is extremely helpful.

It is vital that all board members can be able to access the information provided in the board’s documents. This is especially the case when the board comprises people with different areas of expertise such as marketing and finance. A glossary of terms and acronyms is also useful. It www.boardroomofficial.com/preparing-your-nonprofit-board-for-a-fundraising-campaign/ is also beneficial to get feedback from your peers and comments on the board papers. This allows new eyes to look over the papers and find any confusion.

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